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We create an amazing experience for our brides and grooms – telling their story on film and presenting it to the people they love on their wedding day. Haven’t seen one of our Wedding Movies?  Take a look here!

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Our People. Our Team. Our Friends.

Drum roll please…. and now, a word from some of our team members.

“To me, The Wedding Storytellers is a place where I go in and use my skills & my mind to be creative while working, learning, and growing with others as one solid team to create a product that many will cherish for a lifetime. It’s a fun filled, relaxed environment in which we all come together to accomplish our goals. We are constantly striving to become better, learning from each other as we go. The faces have changed during my time here but it’s always been one of the greatest teams I’ve ever been apart of.”
Derick – production manager

“Working for The Wedding Storytellers allows you the honor to help create permanent memories for couples on one the biggest days of their lives.
The atmosphere at The Wedding Storytellers is fun, laid-back, and relaxed during the week, but we take the wedding day seriously. We take pride in making Wedding Movies.
The one negative side is that you need to be able to handle the time pressure of the wedding day. Also, one mistake might not be big to you, but could be huge to the couple.”
Laura – Bride Happiness Guru

“The Wedding Storytellers is made up of the friendliest people, getting the most out of your wedding day on film, in the most stress-free way possible to our couple. We smile, open doors, and go the extra mile to be the most polite people on your wedding day. Our movies are genuine, nothing is staged. You will be able to relive the emotions you felt on your wedding day through your Wedding Movie for many years to come.”
Matthew – Movie Producer/Editor/Pokemon Master

“We’re a team of people working together to creating an amazing experiences for our brides and grooms. We make it fun and easy for them – while we work hard behind the scenes.  The wedding day can sometimes be stressful – lots of things happening – but we have systems to make that a little easier.  As a team leader, it’s my responsibility to make sure everyone has what they need to get things done. That our systems or equipment or whatever don’t get in the way of our team creating that amazing experience. ”
Brian – founder and chief bean counter

“The Wedding Storytellers is always incorporating new and creative ideas into their work. They make sure to consider the thoughts of the team members and accommodate the needs of each one. The atmospheres of both the office and wedding days are always fun and relaxed, but also very hardworking and full of energy.”
Brianna – shooter/editor

“I would tell someone considering joining The Wedding Storytellers that we have a great team of friends here that will really try to work with them to improve their skills. We have fun, but we also take our work seriously to create the best memory for our couples. There is also a little bit of competitive spirit that really pushes everyone to do their best every wedding!”
Adam – shooter/editor

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